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North American Office: Victoria, BC Canada

Factory Location: Jinan China

Engineering Office: near Stuttgart Germany

Total Composites is a world wide premium supplier of composite truck bodies for commercial truck builders, motorhome fabricators and private customers.

Our Composite Truck Bodies are engineered and constructed with premium made in Germany components using the highest German standards.

Our parent company is located in Jinan China and is under the supervision of German engineers. Yearly production volume: 800 truck bodies.

We deliver flat packed to your doorstep.



We are proud to be the first in North America to offer innovative, ready to assemble body kits at very competitive pricing and great quality.  Our products are developed specifically for truck and trailer manufacturers. The innovative building and assembly method will cut down on your manufacturing costs and will give you the cutting edge over your competition.  All parts are flat packed, cut to exact size and include the most advanced food safe adhesive.



1. Where are you located:
Total Composites has it’s office in Victoria, British Columbia Canada .
Our Engineering office and suppliers are in Germany. Our factory is located in China.

2. Do you sell to private customers or only to commercial builders?
We mostly serve the commercial market, but we also sell to private builders. Give us a call and we can talk!

3. Why should I buy composite bodies?
Our truck bodies are 30% lighter than “traditional” north American products. The insulation value and very low maintenance of the bodies make them more efficient and therefore causes less wear and tear on your equipment. In our mind the biggest selling point is the ease of assembly! Our engineers put a lot of effort and expertise into our corner extrusions. These, in combination with our PU adhesive make the assembly process faster than anything else in this industry. With our system, there is no need for expensive tools or machinery.

4. Compare to regular home build campers, your prices seam high, why is that?
For us, quality is highly important. We want our truck bodies to last and perform for a long time. To achieve that, we need to work together with premium suppliers and pay good wages to our employees. Our team is also bringing in over 40 years of expertise in the commercial composite truck building industry and 25years building expedition trucks. In other words, our truck bodies cost more because we will only sell you the best products possible.

5. Why don’t you manufacture in North America?
Setting up manufacturing in the USA or Canada for the global market doesn’t make a lot of business sense. Especially when our materials are not available in North America. Manufacturing and shipping from China makes a lot more sense in terms of logistics.
6. What kind of Extrusions do you offer?
Our Expedition Truck Bodies and Refrigerator Truck Bodies are only available in
combination with our thermal transfer free extruded fiberglass extrusions. Only our dry cargo bodies are available with aluminum extrusions.

7. I’m not familiar with composite panel constructions, how do I know I order the correct materials?
All depending on your project, we will make the selection for you. Our fibreglass skins come in different thicknesses, tensile strengths and impact resistance.

8. How do I place my order?
We usually have several conversations through email and phone beforehand. After all details of the project are figured out, we will ask you for a $2000 deposit. This will set the wheels in motion and secure the slot in production. The invoice for the full payment will be issued  before production starts. Payments can be made through Wire Transfer.

9. Can I visit you in Victoria?
Absolutely! Nothing better than the personal contact where we can sit down
exchange information and ideas. We always have a couple of demo truck bodies and
samples on hand.

10. Can I visit your factory in China?
Of course, we have nothing to hide and love to show off our state of the art facility!

11. Who are your customers?
We are getting this question a lot, especially from commercial truck builders. As part of our business dealings we don’t share this information. Same goes for designs we did for our customers.

12. Your products come from China, how does the shipping and importing work?
It’s very easy. We are working together with a great group of brokers and shippers.
They will arrange the customs clearances and freight details. You don’t have to
worry about it at all. Total Composites is also making sure that your order will be
insured and protected against shipping damage.

13. How do you handle warranties:
Customer service is critical and very important for us. We offer 12 months warranty of materials and craftman ship. We do not cover unautherized modifications or the use of different adhesives. In the unlikely event of material failure or missing parts, we like to assure you that our team will work at full steam till the issue is solved. For these events we always have the most common spare  parts on hand in our Victoria office and can arrange overnight shipping.

14. What color are the panels?

Our panels and FRP extrusions are “RAL Traffic white” in color. For bigger quantities we have other RAL colors available. 

15. Can I wrap, spraypaint the composite bodies?

Simple answer is yes. But we do not recommend changing the white color to anything darker. There would be an increased risk of de-lamination due to higher surface temperatures. These higher temperatures could soften the panel adhesive and possibly cause the seperation of foam core and FRP skin. In case of de-lamination due to high heat damage, we would guide you through the repair process, but will not be able to accept it as a warranty claim.



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