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Composite Panels are the standard around the world for Expedition Trucks. Our lightweight panels combined with fast assembly times, high insulation value and durability make our solutions a top pick for RVs and Expedition Trucks! 

Our team of German engineers has a combined expertise of over 60 years in the European Expedition Truck Industry. 

We offer:

  • Engineering
  • Subframe design
  • CAD drafting  service
  • Consultation
  • Lifting Roof Engineering
  • Component sourcing
  • Windows and doors
  • All flat packed, ready to assemble delivered to your door!

Interested in our windows and doors? Please visit our online store, we are constantly adding new products!

Here is how we process custom orders: 

After the first conversation, we will ask for a sketch/drawing of your project. Don’t worry if you have not finished your design. We need to have an initial understanding of your project’s complexity, and an idea of the materials and dimensions.
Also, we would like your mailing and delivery address so that we can get a rough idea of the shipping costs.

After sending you the cost estimate and you want to proceed, we will require a non-refundable $2000 deposit. Once we receive your deposit, it will secure our full attention, and it will also get you into our production queue. We will credit the deposit towards your order.

During the following weeks, we will be in constant communication with you, answering questions, further explaining our products, and making sure you receive the necessary support. Customer service is vital to us, and getting your project exactly right is critical.

Once we are ready to go into production, we will commission a computer-aided design (CAD) drafter to prepare detailed schematics for our factory. We include 10 hours for these CAD services in the total cost. This is plenty for most orders. For more complicated drawings we charge US$50/hour.

If your project is a more complex build, like engineering a subframe, or a lifting roof system (among others), we will need to commission our Expedition Truck Engineer in Germany. We do not include this extended service in our standard pricing. Why? There are too many variables. If you need this additional service, you should expect to budget around:

Subframe engineering US$2500
Interior design US$ 5000
Lifting roof cabin US$10.000

You will have production drawings specifically designed for your particular project. Any local metal shop in your area can do the manufacturing from these design specifications.

When we have all of the drawings, and we all agree on the details, we will send you the final invoice, and we receive the full payment for your project. At this point, your camper is ready for production.

In the meantime, we are in communication with our broker and shipper to arrange for a shipping date. Once we know the ship date, we will get fixed pricing from our shipper, and then shortly after we will send you the shipping invoice. You need to receive the invoice before your order leaves the factory! Otherwise, the shipping companies will refuse to transport it.

So that is the process and schedule of activities that you can expect. We will send you our sales agreement that outlines everything again but in more formal wording.

We will take excellent care of you and supply you with a top-notch product that will last for years to come.


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