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Total Composites is a first class vendor! Andreas has delivered on every dealing we have had. Communication has been excellent. Through the complexities of ordering, shipping and delivery, TC has been on point at every step.   

Total Composite’s partners in China and Germany have also provided excellent service. Our latest container shipment arrived in excellent condition, zero damage,…not even a chipped edge. The attention to detail in packing the container was evident. Our order was filled accurately and completely.

Lastly, the workmanship on each item was outstanding. They clearly have exceptional quality control measures in place.  That was a major factor in choosing them over domestic options.  The materials and workmanship are world class.

Bottom line is that you can do business with Total Composites with confidence.  They are also great folks to sit and have a beer with, if you get the chance! We look forward to working with them in the future!

David Soza

CEO, Tern Overland LLC



“ My experience in working with Total Composites: Fantastic, top-notch, prompt, knowledgable and honest service . Seriously, it’s been a real pleasure. I sent a message around 10pm requesting information on their product and by 8am the next morning I was talking to Andreas who happens to have tons of experience in the expedition camper world. I soon after had all the info I needed and placed an order. Communication was the biggest thing: there was never any shortage of it.  Oh, and the product, that product! I’ve investigated many composite panel options and Total Composite panels are really top of the line. I’d highly recommend anyone thinking about jumping into a project, to call Andreas and LEAP!”


Chris A.


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